MEHS Band & Orchestra Booster Meeting Agenda

December 8, 2020


  1. Roll Call – Ronnie, Daniel, Donna, Patrick, Roberta, Ahbby and Jennifer


  1. Approval minutes from last meeting – The meeting was read and approved from last meeting (Nov. 10)


  1. Thank you to Mr. Virgin as Past President


  1. Fundraising Report – Jenn

    • Panda Express Fundraiser outcome – The fundraiser raised $215.79 which was held on Friday Dec. 4, 2020.

    • Next Fundraiser

  • The suggested fundraisers are Krispy Kreme, See’s candies, pizza places, Fuddruckers, Texas Roadhouse and Chipotle. Jennifer is waiting to hear back from Chipotle. The tentative date for Chipotle will be held sometime in the mid-week or late January. Krispy Kreme is set tentatively for Valentine’s Day.

  • Jennifer will also coordinate World’s Finest Candy in which Ronnie has an account that’s been set-up. It can be set-up for the 1st two weeks of February.

  • Jennifer also suggested the Southgate swim to be held during summer which is tabled for the next meeting.


  1. Financial Report – Roberta

  • The current November balance is $13036.00.

  • A donation for $ 25.00 is made by Ahbby via Benevity. The company does a corporate match to the donation.

  • Also, received an anonymous donation.


  1. Concerts – Ronnie and Daniel

    • Virtual Preview is slated for Dec. 18, 2020 at 7 PM

      1. Advertise on FB events. Hayward 411 (done by the school district/ VAPA coordinator)

    • Upcoming concert – Dec 21

      1. Corsages for seniors? – Donna suggested to order corsages for seniors at Etsy or Amazon and will reach out to senior parents as well. Dinner for seniors will commence by the end of the school year.

      2. Photos to post of seniors – Ronnie has pictures of orchestra senior students.

        1. Daniel will have a pre-concert slide show highlighting senior students.

        2. The list of senior students is sent on the MEHS Instrumental E-board chat by Roberta.

      3. Highlight of student of month

      4. Program – Daniel asked if anyone wants to volunteer to speak at the concert. He will have a slot for it during the performance. It will consist of senior acknowledgments as well as the senior pictures.

      5. Attire

      6. Cost – Donna suggested to possibly have a donation component during the concert. Post the Venmo account or donate a check to the band and orchestra account.



  1. Newsletter – thanks Ronnie!

    • Feedback

    • Items for next one

      1. Add a donation component for the newsletter by using the Venmo account, write checks or Donorschoose projects.

      2. E-board members short introduction (blurbs).

      3. Add key dates i.e., Townhall meetings, School Board Meetings

      4. Add a yearly calendar for events and fundraisers


  1. Ordering MEHS band and orchestra merchandise – Roberta will order zip-up jackets (5-10 pcs).


  1. Update on fixing up the band room

    • What is completed – Clothes are consolidated for pick-up by students until Dec. 18, 2020.

    • What still needs to be done

      1. Waiting for the equipment to deep clean the carpet.

      2. Music compilation and organization is almost done. Phase 2 is putting it in a file cabinet.

    • Help needed?

      1. Amanda Schober volunteered to paint the band room walls and she will be coming in during her days off.

      2. Shelves are needed in the shed, possibly metal which can be assembled.

      3. Steel drums found in the shed needs to be discarded or put it on eBay to sell it.

      4. Suggestions for the closet to make it cleaner and will get rid of pest (rats).

      5. A computer desk is needed; Daniel to put in a work order from school.


  1. Update on school opening

    • Earliest is Jan 25th- next semester

    • Complete survey

    • Town hall meeting Dec 9

    • School board meeting Jan 13


  1. Other questions/suggestions

    • Student lessons

    • Have a master class/lecture from CSUEB or Berkeley.


  1. Next Meeting Jan 12th @ 6:15 PM


General Meeting Minutes 11/18/20

Call to order

Ronnie called to order the regular meeting of the E-Board Booster Club at 6:45 on 11/10/2020 via Zoom.

Roll call

Abegail conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Ronnie, Daniel, Patrick, Donna, Roberta, Lilian, Dice, Jennifer and Anjuna

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Abegail read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.


Open issues

Fundraisers – need update on timeline = in a week’s time and set-up for December, once a month

    1. Panda, Panera and Chipotle (write check to Mt. Eden Band, digital flyer
      1. Group Raise – proposed by Jennifer


Plans for the Year – virtual showcase in November

Flea Market – on hold until further notice

Cleaning/Organizing Band Room – need help with paint (percussion wall and closet), roof on shed needs to be fixed, music sheets are compiled and organized. Pulling carpet from shelves- must be done by Custodian; will be replaced by shelf liners: checklist needed (Roberta)

New business

1. Left-over stuff by students in Spring – if not claimed - will be donated

2. Booster elections

Pres – Donna

VP – Patrick

Sec - Ahbby

Treasurer – Roberta

Fundraising Coordinator – Jennifer


4. Compile stuff to add to newsletter – announcements (what students are working on and or what is needed by instructors), feature a member of the E-board (pic and bio), Orchestra and Band Council members,

5. PAC meeting on Thurs – meeting is about furnishings needed; breaking ground in summer of next year; completion 2022at its earliest

6. height of solar panels if it will affect bus parking

7. Lowe’s donations/Home Depot/Costco – Jennifer to contact; blue and white paint

8. Quarter grades are out- based on participation, attendance, class work/recordings

9. Next meeting: Dec. 8 @ 6:45 PM

Ronnie adjourned the meeting at 8:10 PM

Minutes submitted by: Abegail Garcia

Action Items

Fundraisers - Jennifer

Pln for the Year - Ronnie

Band Room Beautification, Cleaning and Organizing - Daniel, Roberta, Helpers/Supporters