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 Mt Eden High School has been a great school for Visual and Performing Arts programs for decades.  Our program the music student in the South Hayward area. We offer opportunites for musical growth, leadership and teamwork in a musical setting. Our studentshave exposure to String Orchestra, Chamber/ Combo groups, Percussion Ensemble / Drumline, Jazz Band, and Wind Ensemble. Each year we offer our students the opportunity to learn, prepare, and perform in several musical festivals and events. We offers fundraising options for families to earn and raise funds that go towards our musical ventures.  

See's Candy Valentine's Day Sale

January 2024

Order Here


Panda Express

January 11, 2024

Location:Store# 97224387

Southland Dr.


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World Finest.jpg

World's Finest Chocolates

February 2024

World's Finest Chocolates are $1 each. The student earns $24 per box to their Music Account.

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